Effective ways of documentation
Recall tests
Actual validation of your recall and withdrawal systems. This usually is 2-3 day event that includes theoretical introduction, planning, taking samples of your products from retail stors, mobilisation of your emergency response group, documentation and review.
ISO 22000
Spreadsheet solutions that link hazard evaluation, prerequsit programmes, CCP's and related documents.
Minimum paperwork and easy system updating ensured by MS Excel or Open Office Calc spreadsheets.

We offer also assistance in development of full food safety management systems corresponding to ISO 22000, BRC or IFS requirements.
HACCP document set
Few consulting sessions and tested ways of documenting all information required for your HACCP system will save hassle in your everyday work.
ISO 22000; comments to Latvian translation
Compilation of comments to official ISO 22000 translation that, unfortunately, contains few errors.